Modeling For Online Content

I have been a contributing Photographer for Metart, Domai,

Errotica-Archives & Digitaldesire for about 15 years; providing them with photo-sets & Video for online sales.

These sites are very restrictive in that they prefer models with no tattoos as they are driven by their old fashion, particular market. Finding girls without ink is becoming harder and harder.

So for the past 3 years I have been working with Models shooting online content for sites like Only Fans, Manyvids, Clips4Sale, ELM, etc...  Since Covid19 came into our lives these sites have basically exploded with popularity.

Onlyfans is currently THE most popular. I have come to know lots of girls who have joined, created their profile and never gotten more then a few fans, usually under 10. The reason for that is they never learn how to properly use the site to maximize the benefit. It does have a steep learning curve. Another reason is they do not have the ability to shoot quality photos and videos that guys/fans want to pay for. Selfies will only get you to a certain point and then drop off. Most models also never learn how to properly promote and advertise. It actually takes quite a bit of knowledge, understanding, time and effort.

Once I take on a new Model to work with on a Profit Sharing basis, I handle 80% of what is needed which amounts to: shooting content on a weekly basis; developing a personal website, branding and, advertising and promoting.

The more you put into it the more you get back. It usually takes about 90 days to start to see income coming in through paid subscriptions to Onlyfans as well as creating custom content through Onlyfans and other sites. After that it becomes a steady flow of $$$

The secret to making money through these various sites is to be open minded and comfortable with Nudity, Role-Playing, Voyeur/Exhibitionist Encounters, BDSM, Bondage, Foot Fetish and other fetishes which are too many to list.

Models who work with me are under no pressure to shoot content they are uncomfortable with.

All of the Models i work with enjoy this type of work and have a lot of fun coming up with themes, ideas, scenarios.....

If you are interested in shooting online content for Private Collectors,Commercial use, or Online Content Contribution, please contact me to see which arrangement works best.

Nikki Leigh